UPDATE: The version of the PayPal Android SDK (formerly) documented here has been deprecated. To integrate PayPal payments into your Android app, please see the PayPal Express Checkout v.zero integration guide.


10 Responses to Working with the new Android SDK

  1. Natarajan bala says:


    I am unable to create a new app from the developer portal. I guess once this is created, I get the client_Id.

    Can you take a look. I have also submitted a bug:
    Question Reference #130725-000377

    Hope you can help. We would love to leverage the PayPal API on Android.

    Best Regards,


  2. Jason says:

    I have one question related to “check the result”, let’s say, some system level exceptions(the network broken, the
    device power off, etc) just happen before onActivityResult() is invoked or just
    before PaymentConfirmation is saved, I have no idea about the transaction
    status when my app recovers from the exceptions, I mean I have no way to know
    whether the transaction was successful or not, I don’t have a paykey with which
    to query transaction status from PayPal‘s server.

  3. Nadeem Nadir Ali Ismaili says:

    Dear Author,

    Please advice, I had integrate the app steps correctly but still app is not invoking the onActivityResult procedure. please help it is urgent.

  4. Entrytest Team says:

    PaymentActivity is unable to get any of these method.can anyone help me??I have attached the image which is showing the the error i am having.thanx in advance.

  5. Tim Messerschmidt says:

    Are you using our SDK v2? The integration changed slightly: https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-Android-SDK/tree/master/SampleApp

  6. Tim Messerschmidt says:

    Did you start the Activity with startActivityForResult? See this code sample for explanation: https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-Android-SDK/blob/master/SampleApp/src/com/paypal/example/paypalandroidsdkexample/SampleActivity.java

  7. iMesh Lab says:

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  8. durgesh patel says:

    can you please give a sample to authorize payment only view paypal mobile sdk 2.0

  9. SANDEEP says:

    I have added all the client id and using live environment. But i am getting fatal exception.

  10. Navaneeth Prodhutur says:


    I have a Requirement like i need to Verify the Paypal Email id using the Paypal Android SDK.whether it is exists or not.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Navaneeth Prodhutur