ava_johnAs you may have seen on our main blog (link) today we made a number of announcements for our developer community. To summarize we launched:

  • A new set of RESTful API’s in Beta that make integrating PayPal simpler as well as allowing you to use the tools and technologies you like to use to add PayPal to your projects.  We have also added tokenization of card so you can store them in our “Vault”.
  • A new iOS SDK that will make it far simpler to integrate PayPal as well as bringing cool new features like allowing your customers to use the camera on their phone to make a payment with a card using card.io technology.  The new SDK also means your customers will not need to re-enter details every time they want to pay on a PayPal supported site.
  • We have new JavaScript buttons for “Buy Now”, “Minicart” and creating your own QR codes that literally allow you to add PayPal to your site with 5 lines of code.
  • We have a new destination site for Developers,

http://developer.paypal.com with a more developer friendly interface and code samples in the languages you like to use.  You will also notice that we are now using GitHub extensively as well as having moved our forums to StackOverflow.  Again we are adapting PayPal to the way our developer community likes to work and being developer led is a big part of how our culture is changing.

Over the next few months you will see us moving PayPal developer information from x.com to our new developer.paypal.com site as well as moving more of our functionality onto the new API’s. Please let us know what you think of the new API’s or if you would like us to create additional features by contacting us on developer@paypal.com or @PayPalDev (follow us).

Let me introduce the Developer Evangelism team that you will meet at conferences/shows/meetups and hackathons near you throughout the year.  We are all developers and love talking about code and payments so feel free to ping us and we will try and advise and help.

In the US team we have:

Bruce Jones, MBA
Head of NA | Developer Evangelists
Skills: Entrepreneur, iOS, C
Twitter: @BMcCJ

Jonathan LeBlanc
Developer Evangelist
Skills: PHP, Python, JavaScript, Node.js
Twitter: @jcleblanc

Pragati Ogal Rai
Mobile Developer Evangelist
Skills: Anything mobile, I breathe mobile
Twitter: @pragatiogal

Autumn Birchfield
Developer Evangelist
Skills: Community Management, Front-end
Twitter: @autumnthered

In the EMEA team we have:

Corrado Tomassoni
Head of EMEA PayPal | Developer
Skills: Startups, Accelerators, Developer Relations, PHP, JavaScript
Twitter: @korrat

Tim Messerschmidt
Developer Evangelist
Skills: Android, iOS, JavaScript, HTML5, Ruby, PHP, …
Twitter: @SeraAndroid

Orkun Saitoglu
Developer Evangelist
Skills: ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, MySQL
Twitter: @orkns


Finally I would like to introduce myself: I am John Lunn and I run the PayPal Developer Network across the globe.  I’m originally a Java/SQL developer and now I hack around in whatever is quickest to get to where I need to go.  You can find me at:

Twitter: @JohnPayPalDev

Were looking forward to interact and debate with you so feel free to reach out.


About John Lunn

John Lunn oversees the global developer network for PayPal and Braintree, where he is the Senior Global Director. Lunn spends his time primarily focused on innovation, ensuring that developers around the globe have access to the features, functionality and feedback they need from PayPal and Braintree. Prior to his current work at PayPal, Lunn spent 15 years building systems for payment and fraud detection at several successful start ups. In addition to this hands-on work, he has advised many successful startups and larger companies on their business and payment strategies. John still codes for fun.

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22 Responses to Welcome to the New PayPal for Developers

  1. jijo says:

    till yesterday i could use my sandbox account but today morning i can’t login in to the system . i could see that the site is saying that you could export the existing data by logging in to the the developer center , but i can’t login . i was using express check out in sandbox mode from italy.

  2. jcleblanc says:

    Hi jijo, are you having trouble logging into the developer.paypal.com site itself? If that’s the case, use your paypal.com credentials as opposed to your old developer.paypal.com ones. That should get you through the new system, and then when you log in you can sync all of your old developer data. If you continue to run into issues you can reach out to us at developer [at] payal [dot] com

  3. vishnu-suman Choudhary says:

    Hi, I am unable to login in sandbox account after new developer.paypal features.

    I have exported all previous sandbox emails but couldn’t succeed. Even I have also tried with new sandbox emails but same problem.

    It every time says “This Sandbox email address is not available. Please enter another email address.” or sometime I get 404 page.

    Kindly help me out. I am in deep sock after it. I am a PayPal expert developer and Always love to work with PayPal but now I much worried.

    If need more information from me I will provide you.



  4. Sadi says:

    I am getting this error “We’re sorry but something went wrong” when I try to import my old sandbox account to my new account. Same error with creating new sandbox account. Please help.

  5. Mirko Nacano says:

    In the previous/old sandbox site, I had three accounts. I was not able to import data from my previous sandbox accounts (1 business/seller, 2 personal/buyer):

    business (Italian) : w4c_1360160106_biz@mazatech.com
    personal1 (italian): buyer_1360160358_per@mazatech.com
    personal2 (US): jhon_1360943645_per@mazatech.com

    Running the import procedure, I always get a “We don’t recognize that Sandbox email and password combination. Please try again.” error message.
    Could you please me clarify this behavior? I’m sure I’m inserting the right email+password couple.
    In order to continue my integration and tests, I created new sandbox accounts (with different emails):

    business (Italian) : w4c_merchand@mazatech.com
    personal1 (italian): w4c_buyer_marco_rossi@mazatech.com
    personal2 (US): w4c_buyer_jhon_marshall@mazatech.com

    But when I run my application (that uses Express Checkout for Digital Goods) using the new business credentials, I got this error (from NVP APIs):

    “Error short desc = Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Error long desc = You are not signed up to accept payment for digitally delivered goods.”

    Is it due to some (missing?) settings from the new sandboxed business account? The main difference I saw is that previous sandbox business account was created (by manual selection!) for Express Checkouts, and the new one is automatically (no selectable options) created as PayPal Pro.

    Could you please help me? Many Thanks in advance!

  6. ppalavilli says:

    Hi Mirko – when you import your accounts, you need to provide the id/pwd of the old developer.paypal.com site – not the test business/personal accounts. Just wanted to make sure you are not doing that.

    The second error with Digital Goods is interesting. Let me check on that. Assuming you are using”w4c_merchand@mazatech.com” as your merchant account for that.

  7. Mirko Nacano says:

    Many thanks, providing the id/pwd of the old developer.paypal.com site, import procedure has been concluded successfully! I will wait for your feedback about the w4c_merchand@mazatech.com account issue. Your help is really appreciated.

  8. Mark says:

    Am I right in thinking that you can only sign-up for a Developers account if you are a US business? We are a UK business and so we cannot now test PayPal in our development environment. Nice one, PayPal.

  9. alright I’ve enabled digital goods on your test business account “w4c_merchand@mazatech.com” – let me know if that works.

  10. jijo says:

    I solved this issue with folloiwng step.

    1) Since paypal was not recoganizing my older developer account i created new one 2) login with new developer account
    3) after you login go to sandbox tab and click on import data link , then you have to enter your old developer email. 4) it will automatically import all the accounts related with that developer account

  11. jijo says:

    I solved importing old account with following step.

    1) Since paypal was not recognizing my older developer account i created new one
    2) login with new developer account
    3) after you login go to sandbox tab and click on import data link , then you have to enter your old developer email.
    4) it will automatically import all the accounts related with that developer account

  12. Just to clarify – you can still test the new APIs in our sandbox (doesn’t matter which country you are in). But you cannot go live unless you are a US business.

    To test the new APIs, you can just login with your PayPal account created from the PayPal.com site corresponding to your country. After you login, you would see your test credentials that you can play with in the sandbox environment.

  13. correct that was the desired behavior as per the implementation. (To login with PayPal account, and then import old developer account data).

    What I was trying to help Mirko is with his digital goods setup.

  14. Hi Vishnu – would you mind sending me an email at praveen_at_x_dot_com with more details ? I wonder if there is some misunderstanding with the accounts – hope I can clarify better in an email.


  15. Mirko Nacano says:

    Many thanks Praveen, your help is really appreciated!

  16. cs says:

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  17. Shadow says:

    After changed to the new sandbox, everything is find except click “MySetting” under “Profile”, now everytime if I click it, it will show me that “U must login into the sandbox…” but I already login in !

    And after that when I tried to login in again, the page style shows incorrectly. (I use Chrome – Private Mode)

  18. John says:

    I am developing an application that needs to use chained payments. We are based in Canada. I am finding that this does not work if the primary receiver is not based in the US. Am I correct that it is not possible to use chained payments where the primary receiver is Canadian.

  19. Tahir Yasin says:

    I am getting “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.” on REST API credentials page, unable to generate credentials. Please help me.

  20. Sm says:

    Guess you guys got plenty of feedback so far, but one problem is not solved yet. 🙂

    I can’t get rid of my old sandbox accounts and I get IPN calls. Can’t import the old accounts either. At this point I just want to get rid of them. How?

  21. syed yawar says:

    I have developed an android based app with paypal but it crashes. Always hits the failure event. I’m using sandbox test account. I live in pakistan. Does it have to do anything with my location ? Cause Paypal services are not suppported in Pakistan I think 🙁