Today we announced on our PayPal Blog that the REST API is now available globally. In this post I want to cover some new functionality and which features you’ll be able to use in you region.

First of all it is important to know that the our REST API offers 2 different types of payments that need to be defined when creating a payment through our API:

  1. PayPal account-based payments marked as "payment_method": "paypal" in our API
  2. Credit card payments – "payment_method": "credit_card"

The PayPal payments part is our known experience including the redirect to our page that asks the user to enter his username and password and confirm his purchase. This offers a variety of benefits like being able to select different payment methods or choosing another shipping address. Also when processing credit cards we take care of PCI compliance for you.

Direct credit card processing doesn’t involve any redirects at all: You just create a payment (see here for more details) and that’s it. Be sure to read the part about PCI compliance – when processing credit cards directly this needs to be handled by you!


Credit card processing

The credit card processing through PayPal is right now available for the following countries:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK

In case your country is not listed: We enable to process credit cards in many countries directly through PayPal accounts!

PayPal account based payments

PayPal account based payments ("payment_method": "paypal") are available every where PayPal is accepted.


Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter what you think about the APIs and where we can improve.

About Tim Messerschmidt

As a long time mobile and web developer specializing in Android, Tim channels his knowledge and experience as Developer Evangelist across Europe for PayPal’s Developer Network. Tim is very passionate about startups, and serves as a mentor of Seedcamp, Wayra, Startup Wise Guys & Rockstart. In his spare time, he leads and creates training classes in all sorts of Android related topics, and is the author of the Android chapter of the Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy, as well as numerous articles published in magazines like web&mobile developer.


14 Responses to The REST API is going global

  1. Finally! Good stuff guys and girls, I can blow off the dust from my sandbox code in one of my Node.js projects!

  2. Alex Albino says:

    Awesome job on the REST API! This stuff is so much easier to work with. A minor gripe however: Any chance we’ll be getting shipping info back from the REST API? (We cant look up address info after checkout, since transaction IDs are not shared between the REST API and the legacy checkout API)

  3. LogCorner says:

    About ASP.NET MVC Paypal Integration , please see our tutorial

  4. Keith Michael Chong says:


  5. Ruhul Art says:


  6. Guest says:

    there a date for when it’s available in MXN (Mexican Pesos)?

  7. Cesar Amezcua says:

    there a date for when it’s available in MXN (Pesos Mexicanos)?

  8. Thiago says:

    So you are saying CC processing can be done globally as long as the user has a paypal account? I am located in Brazil. Thanks.

  9. FreeSpeechFTW says:

    only in that 3 countries… crap~


    Please Help me my mistake one transcation is uncomplet as problem submtied my account

  11. Martin Spinetto says:

    Hi guys! is it too much to ask if you include the complete list of the 190 markets…? Please…?

  12. uidesignguide says:

    Does this support chained payments yet?

  13. Opinion Doe says:

    Exactly, PayPal Management lives behind the moon

  14. MikeSmithDev says:

    ETA on recurring payments? Rebuilding/updating my payments interface and the line from the FAQ “Eventually, our REST API library will replace the Classic APIs” makes me want to develop only for the REST API… though some key functionality is missing. Also are there “custom” fields like in the Classic? Where we can store extra data about the item that the user doesn’t see?