Note: The PayPal Windows 8 SDK has been discontinued.
The plan is to remove API support for deployed applications on June 17th, 2016. You should consult PayPal Developer documentation for alternate options or consider a web integration.

Today we launched version 1.1 of our SDK for Windows 8.  This will now allow you to build PayPal into your Windows 8 store app but also now into your Windows 8 phone app also. We support JavaScript and C# on Store and C# on phone.  A few steps need to be taken on your PayPal account to enable the SDK, which are outlined in the docs here. While we don’t support the functionality yet that we have on iOS and Android, we are working on this now. You might wonder why you would use the PayPal SDK rather than Microsoft’s own solution, and while we worked closely with Microsoft on these SDKs, they each have their own advantages. The Microsoft in-app solution includes sophisticated virtual asset management and other features that may be of interest to developers selling Digital goods. Whereas with the PayPal solution, developers get a host of payment solutions, from digital subscription to physical goods purchases and developers only pay standard PayPal transaction processing rates. Personally I managed to learn the basics of Windows phone by getting Visual Studio set-up. I built a simple one-page phone app that allowed me to take PayPal payments in under 2 hours. We will be at Microsoft Build this week running a Quick Start Challenge to see who can be the fastest at integrating PayPal into an app.  So what I am saying here is that it is pretty easy to integrate PayPal in Windows 8. As per usual we welcome feedback, improvement suggestions and feature request’s sent to our usual email or just tweet us @PayPalDev The new SDK can be found at here   See you at Build!

About John Lunn

John Lunn oversees the global developer network for PayPal and Braintree, where he is the Senior Global Director. Lunn spends his time primarily focused on innovation, ensuring that developers around the globe have access to the features, functionality and feedback they need from PayPal and Braintree. Prior to his current work at PayPal, Lunn spent 15 years building systems for payment and fraud detection at several successful start ups. In addition to this hands-on work, he has advised many successful startups and larger companies on their business and payment strategies. John still codes for fun.


3 Responses to PayPal for Windows 8

  1. Fan Winston says:

    Hi John, fantastic work! is making a Windows Phone 8 Plugin on PhoneGap on your schedule???Any anticipating date???Thx

  2. Why not a Windows 8 paypal app? the install base is starting to get there.

  3. Amir says:

    After a year, still there is no PayPal and PayPal here app for Windows 8 tablets like surface and Dell venue 8 pro