As lots of you know PayPal commited to improve our Developer Experience as much as we can. Our objective is making an integration as easy and frictionless as possible.

One of the results of this commitment is a product we call Community Developer Tools and in this post I want to invite you to give this early beta a test run.

The site currently presents two new features that we plan to integrate into our Developer platform and are worth highlighting in this post:

The first feature is an interactive API Explorer that helps to understand the interaction of our different APIs by presenting the different requests that you can make and all providing a nicely formatted response body. In it’s current stage the Explorer supports six different APIs:

  • REST API (our shiny & new API)
  • Adaptive Payments (for more complex payment types)
  • Adaptive Accounts (dynamic account creation)
  • Merchant API (our Express Checkout)
  • Invoice API (pretty obvious)
  • Permission API (enables the developer to act on the user’s behalf)

We’ve been using I/O Docs as base for the Explorer and added a couple of enhancements to support WSDL and JSON schemas.

I’ve recorded a short screencast that shows how easy it is to list all payments that got created for a given combination of API credentials (your ID and Secret identifying your registered application):

The second feature is called TryIt and helps you to generate your code by leading you through a step by step guide (including testing the payment). This can be seen as a more modern Integration Wizard as it’s provides an interactive way to generate the needed code and understand the integration itself.

We expect to have some issues and flaws in the current version of our flow and are happy to get your feedback to improve the current status of these tools. If you encounter any problems: feel free to file an issue over at GitHub!

About Tim Messerschmidt

As a long time mobile and web developer specializing in Android, Tim channels his knowledge and experience as Developer Evangelist across Europe for PayPal’s Developer Network. Tim is very passionate about startups, and serves as a mentor of Seedcamp, Wayra, Startup Wise Guys & Rockstart. In his spare time, he leads and creates training classes in all sorts of Android related topics, and is the author of the Android chapter of the Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy, as well as numerous articles published in magazines like web&mobile developer.

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