As you’ve probably heard by now, we will be acquiring Braintree and it will be a separate service within PayPal. Separately, our two companies have worked to achieve a similar vision—to create the world’s leading payments platform. Together, we offer a compelling combination of scale, expertise, and disruptive technologies that will enable us to achieve this shared vision at a greatly accelerated pace.

As exciting as this announcement is for us, we believe that developers are the real winners here. For PayPal, one of the most important goals behind the acquisition of Braintree is to deepen our commitment to developers and strengthen our ability to provide you with the best tools and best service possible. By joining forces with Braintree, we can accelerate the creation of innovative developer solutions that are global in scale and relevant in any market and in every channel.

Now that Braintree is joining PayPal, it’s safe to assume that there will be questions within the developer community about what you can expect going forward. So we wanted to take a few moments to share our thoughts about how we’ll work together, and what this acquisition means for you.

Our plan is for Braintree to be offered as a separate service within PayPal under the continued leadership of Braintree CEO Bill Ready. There will be no major changes or disruptions—PayPal’s developer team will continue to support you and your business. Our developer team will continue to build upon our existing products and innovate to create new ones. On the Braintree side, their management team will stay in place and Braintree’s technology and support teams will continue to have the freedom to innovate and provide world-class support to developers.

Our ultimate goal is to extend Braintree’s mobile technologies and support team to access the rich capabilities of the PayPal global network and make it easier to create seamless payment solutions that span online, mobile, and in-store experiences.

In the short time that the leadership teams from PayPal and Braintree have worked together, it has become clear that our vision is very closely aligned. We know many of you have a similar vision. We look forward to working with you to continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

John Lunn Global Director of PayPal’s Developer Network

About John Lunn

John Lunn oversees the global developer network for PayPal and Braintree, where he is the Senior Global Director. Lunn spends his time primarily focused on innovation, ensuring that developers around the globe have access to the features, functionality and feedback they need from PayPal and Braintree. Prior to his current work at PayPal, Lunn spent 15 years building systems for payment and fraud detection at several successful start ups. In addition to this hands-on work, he has advised many successful startups and larger companies on their business and payment strategies. John still codes for fun.


3 Responses to PayPal Agrees to Acquire Braintree: What it Means for Developers

  1. magicgod says:

    don’t let braintree be drowned in big paypal

  2. newms87 says:

    I think it would be great to see full paypal integration with the Braintree API. Braintree is far easier to work with than paypal (especially for subscriptions). If I could bundle Paypal integration and credit card processing into 1 API that would be awesome!

  3. stephnie85 says:

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